May 2018

A Quiplash clone written in JavaScript with a backend server and simultaneous multi-user support.

Machine Learning algorithm for predicting future cryptocurrency values from Twitter sentiment analysis.

Conway’s Game of Life, created for Maya using Mel.

March 2018

A Zork-inspired Text Adventure Game written in C.

January 2018

3D modeled and printed droid, filled to the brim with electronics controlled by an arduino.

December 2017

A live participation grade service in JavaScript for students and professors.

December 2017

Traffic Simulator in Java finds optimal routes for each car, making use of several software principles.

December 2017

Raspberry Pi based system that allows for real time musical scoring and correction.

November 2017

Created Python database, CherryPy server, and QtPy/JavaScript clients to rate movies and find recommendations for individual users.

September 2017

Wrote and optimized a Boolean Satisfiability Solver with backtracking and multithreading.

May 2017

A personal landing page with links to my most used websites.

A python program to create a directed graph showing the articles that connect any two given topics.

The Electric Village is a tabletop model of three-phase power on Notre Dame’s campus.

A django-elm application that allows users to create a voting network within a certain range of where questions are posted.

April 2016

A C++ program that allows two users to play chess, written for the Fundamentals of Computing final project.

April 2016

A MATLAB program that assists a user in a poker game by calculating the optimal amount to bet (or fold) based on all available information.

November 2015

Terminal based word search solver for the daily Wonderword, written in C.

October 2014

Using LabVIEW and LEGO NXT, an autonomous pet robot was designed for fifth grade clients.


A selection of the courses I have completed at Notre Dame:
  • ALHN 13950: Engineering Honors Seminar
  • CSE 20110: Discrete Math
  • CSE 20221: Logic Design
  • CSE 20289: Systems Programming
  • CSE 20312: Data Structures
  • CSE 30151: Theory of Computing
  • CSE 30321: Computer Architecture
  • CSE 30332: Programming Paradigms
  • CSE 30341: Operating Systems
  • EE 30344: Signals & Systems
  • ACMS 30440: Probability & Statistics
  • CSE 40113: Design & Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSE 40175: Ethical & Professional Issues
  • CSE 40232: Software Engineering
  • CSE 40522: CPEG Capstone Design
  • CSE 40625: Machine Learning
  • CSE 40655: Technical VFX
  • CSE 40850: History of Computing
  • CSE 40883: Droid Building
  • EE 47498: Special Studies
  • EG 40421: Engineering & Business Fundamentals
  • EG 40442: Advanced Engineering & Business